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June 27, 2019
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Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore

Weight loss has become the most important talk of the town, be it men or women. Everyone wants to look slim and good. However, some can achieve it while its difficult for others to get through it. There are many weight loss treatments available all over. You can select the programs convenient for you by going through Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore

Ideal weight

The ideal weight of a person is determined by various factors. There is an ideal weight chart which people can consult. However, very few people are able to stick to the ideal weight chart recommendation.

It is important to maintain an ideal weight as it is crucial for good health and fitness. If you are fit, you can enjoy your life better.

Morphwellness one of the Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore have programs customized for each client. The programs may include-

  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Physical activities
  • Body Therapies and spot reduction therapies
  • Cellulite reduction program and skin firming & tightening treatment
  • Body sculpting with Cryolipolysis

How weight loss can affect you?

  1. make you feel good

You feel good about yourself. After a weight loss you may feel more confident and more social.

Although you may feel the pressure to maintain it and check your weight regularly.

  •  Your knees and legs will feel better

The increased weight puts pressure on your knees and legs. With weight loss the pressure is less on them and they feel good. The knees are easily movable now and do not feel the strain.

  • Prevents type 2 diabetes/high BP/cholesterol……

Increased weight can cause type 2 diabetes. The symptoms that may occur in later years can show early because of overweight. You may also be susceptible to other diseases related to overweight like high Blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. A slight change in your lifestyle can help you overcome these issues.

  • lowers inflammation

Fat cells around your tummy releases chemicals that can irritate and inflame tissue all over the body. if the fat cells are reduced or lowered, they will not cause inflammation.

The various technique to weight loss

Body firming

 You can be slim but not necessarily toned. Body firming procedure tones your body and removes sagginess. It strengthens, tones, firms the skin and builds up muscles during the weight loss program. After weight loss treatment your skin may slag like a deflated balloon. When your body melts away the extra fat, it is not able to pull the skin back leading to slagging and perhaps wrinkles, stretch marks and skin darkening. You do not like this development in your body.

However, this can be solved by Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore. This cellulite or sagging skin can be overcome by body firming.

Body toning

Everyone likes a well-toned body. it is not easy to get a well-toned body. However, the Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore, offers machine-based toning. There are certified equipment’s that help in toning the muscles. Toning gives proper shape to your body building muscle tissues.

The muscle tissues protect your body from injury and increases the BMR-basal metabolic rate. When your BMR is high, you do not put on weight and thereby maintain proper weight scale.

Apparently, weight toning offers a more stable solution to weight loss.

Body Composition Analysis

Weight loss treatment is effective when you undergo Body Composition Analysis . BCA is the analysis of your body to understand the percentage of water, bones, muscles and fat in the body. you must have often observed people of same weight having different structure. One could be slim, while other could be fat. It is necessary to do a complete analysis and as per design a personalized package.

By understanding your own composition, you develop a positive attitude towards your body structure. You are able to understand and analyse what will work best for you. The BCA presents-

BMI, BMR, Fat%, Lean%, water composition, visceral fat, body type and many more parameters, which helps to work on weight loss treatment.

Spot Reduction

In our body around the stomach, hips, thighs, arms and back, there are some stubborn fat that will not go easily. Spot reduction works on these areas to give concentrated inch loss. The method used for spot reduction is massage.

Different technique of massage is used to firm the muscles. The procedure includes-

  • Massaging with deep pressure rolling movements and long strokes movements.
  • After the massage a firming pack for toning and tightening the muscles is applied on the area.
  • Massaging helps in improving blood circulation, unknotting the muscles and smoothening of the skin. With vigorous massaging the body sweats profusely leading to release of toxic substances from the lymphatic system.
  • The pack makes the skin supple and toned working to make the body firm and in shape.

Aroma Veda Therapy

Aroma therapy is a very popular therapy for relaxation and stress release. It is also applicable in weight loss treatment. It is a great way to detoxify your body. this therapy includes massage with natural essential oils. These oils are therapeutic in nature and helpful to the body. the massage is done with hand by an expert, who applies required amount of pressing and rubbing on the pressure points of the body.

The massage aids in rejuvenating the connective tissues, discarding the toxins with the help of lymphatic drainage massage and contouring the adipose tissues giving the body an even and smooth appearance.

Advance Inch Loss Therapy

You are sick of the stubborn fat that does not seems to go whatever you may try. Fret not there are good methods to get rid of this stubborn fat. In this advance inch loss therapy,

  • A Lipolytic cream is penetrated into the adipose tissues in the body with the help of ultrasonic technology.
  • Followed by massage with hand using anti-cellulite oil
  • After the massage, a modern firming appliance is used.
  • This helps in better fat metabolism, skin firming, body shaping and inch loss.
  • You can lose around 4 cm per session from one area in this therapy

Slim zone therapy

In this therapy you can lose up to 1 inch per session. This therapy is combo of specialized product and technology. The therapy includes-

  • Massage with a mix of essential oils and herbal extracts
  • The massage improves blood circulation, metabolism and muscular movements.
  • The massage concentrates on the body that is fat, resulting in weight loss with inch loss.
  • The pack that will tighten the body tissue is applied after the massage.
  • The tightening pack improves muscle tone and shapes the body.
  • Heat treatment is used after the pack that helps in removing toxins deposited. Heat breaks down the fat resulting in weight loss.

Slimtron therapy

This therapy can help you lose about 8-10 inches in 5 sessions. This therapy may include usage of specialized gels. This gel is produced by a mix of pure essential oils. The therapy includes massage with the gel followed by tightening wrap. The whole procedure helps in weight reduction.

Super trimmer therapy

This therapy is best for instant results. You may lose 4cm per session. One session is of approximately 2 hours. The session includes manual massage with specialized products and modern appliance- EMS 24. This helps in firming the muscles resulting in weight loss.

Aloe wrap treatment

This weight loss treatment can help reduce 5cm per session. This is a renown international therapy using Aloe Body toner. This is cream results in –

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Skin softening
  • Firming of the body.
  • Detoxification
  • Cellular regeneration

The major benefit of this massage is its great combination of ingredients and deep hydration of skin tissue, making the skin glow for longer period.

Udwarthana therapy

, Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore

This therapy helps in reducing 3 kgs in just 7 days.

This therapy includes massaging with dry herbal powders. The massage consists of upward movements, rubbing the powder forcefully on the body. this process rubs the fat cells and breaks the stored fat in the body. This therapy

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Reduces skin problem
  • Reduces obesity

This therapy is good for people with sensitive skin. The therapy is a combo of ancient Ayurvedic principle with Modern technology.

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing

, Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing is an advance non-surgical process used in salons and spa to reduce fat and shape the body. this process involves cooling technology to freeze fat cells, thereby removing fatty cells from your body.

It is a safe non-invasive therapy that reduces selective fat deposits with the aid of a localized controlled cooling. It is a non-surgical remedy for liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical treatment of sucking or eliminating fat cells from the body. the treatment is conducted by experts who have thorough knowledge of this therapy.

They use machine/gadgets to suck your body like vacuums sucks the dust while cleaning. The complete procedure is conducted in a very soothing and relaxing environment. We want our clients to relax while the process is conducted.

The procedure may take more than 2 hours depending upon the size of the area to be treated. The fat reduction treatment with Cryolipolysis is next to permanent.

The process basically involves destroying the fat cells with the help of controlled cooling gadget operated at or below 4 degree. The fat cells under this process either crystallize or die. The dead fat cells are removed from the body through natural elimination process.

This way you can attain a desired body shape with Cryolipolysis.

With the help of Best Weight Loss Centre in Bangalore, you are able to achieve your dream body shape.

you may not know this yet, but you have the ability to reinvent yourself endlessly. That’s your beauty taken care by us”

Imagine yourself after our weight loss treatment sessions.

 Don’t think,

 try it,

 book now,

 it will be worth!


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